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Curriculum Intent.

Maximise opportunities

Doncaster UTC has a curriculum that seeks to prepare students to maximise their opportunities for future careers in Computing, Digital Media, Engineering and Medical Sciences. 

The Doncaster UTC curriculum provides a blend of academic and technical learning. This curriculum builds and develops employability skills that computing, digital media and engineering careers need locally and nationally. Professional behaviours required by Doncaster UTC leavers for rapid progression into their chosen professions are embedded at all levels of the curriculum. Students’ experience is enriched and stretched by regular exposure to companies linked to all three specialisms, other employers and universities. This time also forms part of our enrichment programme.

The overall quality of education at Doncaster UTC is built around academic excellence and ambitious progression to destinations linked to our specialisms. The building blocks of how to secure these destinations are a key focus of the curriculum. 

At Doncaster UTC, we have a unique focus on employability skills and academic excellence. It invests in young people’s appetite and aptitude for computing, digital media and engineering, facilitated by science and maths, and it accelerates their progression to a career in a technical field. Such progression will feed the talent pipeline into Doncaster UTCs’ targeted specialism areas for local and wider economic benefit.

Doncaster UTC provides an ambitious yet balanced curriculum which remains as broad as possible whilst meeting, in an age-appropriate manner, its over-arching technical intent. Programmes of study will demonstrate high academic and technical determination for all students. 

Doncaster UTC instils in all students the necessary skills and attributes for advancement into a productive technical career. Its curriculum develops students' research and problem-solving skills by applying their growing knowledge base to contemporary problems.

We endeavour to provide all students with regular and meaningful opportunities to learn from partner employers. Employers play a significant partner contribution to curriculum design, content and delivery.

The impact and overall quality of education in terms of the profile of high-level and ambitious destinations its young people secure from their respective starting points will be monitored by Doncaster UTC. Such a drive applies to all students studying at Doncaster UTC, including those with SEND or those who are disadvantaged.

The Doncaster UTC curriculum aims to inspire resilience and confidence in all students as they prepare to become future employees, based on their various starting points and needs. As a result, the curriculum prepares students to be determined, successful, and active citizens in their local and national communities.