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What is a UTC?.

University technical colleges (UTCs) are government funded schools that offer 13–18 year olds a great deal more than traditional schools. They teach students technical and scientific subjects in a whole new way and are educating the inventors, engineers, scientists and technicians of tomorrow.

By integrating technical, practical and academic learning, they create an environment where students can thrive and develop the abilities that employers need.

To do this UTCs:

  • focus on one or two technical specialisms
  • work with employers and a local university to develop and deliver their curriculum
  • relate the content of academic subjects to their technical specialisms
  • have the latest equipment and technology used by industry
  • dedicate at least 40% of time to the technical specialism including design and building, working in teams and problem solving.

By working with a university and local employers, UTC students benefit from access to:

  • the latest research, industry experts and specialist facilities
  • real-life employer projects that stretch their technical skills and creative thinking
  • teaching and mentoring from specialists who currently work in industry.

UTCs are academies and are smaller than traditional secondary schools. They are not academically selective and charge no fees.

UTCs typically have 600 students, are sub regional and their catchment area may extend across a number of local authorities.

Doncaster UTC

The Baker Dearing Educational Trust

Baker Dearing Educational Trust was founded by Lord Baker and Lord Dearing to develop and promote the concept of university technical colleges. Today they are a small, flexible organisation that sits at the centre of the UTC network. Their focus is on promoting and supporting new and existing UTCs.

"The UK needs advanced technical skills at all levels if we are to prosper in the 21st century. Whether in manufacturing, wind farms, rail links or hi-tech hospitals we need a workforce that can develop new products, stretch and reuse existing resources and meet all the challenges of the future."

Lord Baker, Chairman

The Baker Dearing Educational Trust

Helping new UTCs

The Baker Dearing Educational Trust support applications to open new UTCs, helping applicants to navigate the process and lend their experience and support where it is needed. Working closely with the Department for Education, they make sure that the expected number of UTCs open on time and on budget

Increasing understanding

They raise awareness of UTCs with the government, the media and the public. By increasing the profile of UTCs they aim to ensure that everyone has an understanding of UTCs and what they offer to young people, employers and the wider community. They also represent the interests of UTCs when it comes to curricula, qualifications and Department for Education policy.

Supporting existing UTCs

They help UTCs benefit from being a part of a bigger network by providing opportunities to share good practice, attend seminars, and stretch budgets through joint procurement.

Their educational advisers help to develop curricula and advise on suitable technical qualifications. They also support UTCs with setting standards, issues around leadership and management, and through liaising with the universities and employers who are UTC partners.

Doncaster UTC testimonial

UTCs help to fill the huge national skill shortages in digital, engineering, health and creative jobs. Because we specialise in skill the you can't learn in other schools.

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