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A day at DUTC.

Day in the Life

Each day at the Doncaster UTC will be varied and exciting, a chance to meet and make new friends. The following is just a typical day of learning.

Monday - 8:40 - 4:50
Tuesday - 8:40 - 4:50
Wednesday - 8:40 - 3:10
Thursday - 8:40 - 4:50
Friday - 8:40 - 1:10

Morning clubs and meetings are happening for students involved in projects so I stop off at the school dining area to grab a drink and something for breakfast.

Registration time and a chance to plan for some of the project work we are doing, reviewing our CVs, and preparing for work placements or interviews.  Useful time to prep for the day.

Lesson 1 is maths.  We’re halfway through a term-long project related to the rail industry.  Today’s maths lesson is focussing on calculations which we will use in the project relating to signalling.

English now.  Today’s lesson is working on a brief to support a project we are doing with Polypipe.  It’s been very useful to see how our way of writing can have such a different outcome.

10:55 Break.
Today is a nice day so I am going to spend some time outside preparing for the afternoon.  Doncaster UTC has a ‘bring your own device’ policy which means we can use our devices anywhere.

Lesson 3 is design and media. Chance to start the process of designing our project. We have completed all of the theory and planning; now it’s time to start producing. The design and media space is great for this as we have access to fantastic kit and equipment.

12:10 Lunchtime.
It doesn’t feel like a school canteen.  It’s a professional space where we can relax and catch up. I am really looking forward to Year 12 when I am in Key Stage 5 so I can use the post-16 space! 

Lesson 4 is Science. Today is a general lesson looking at power and efficiency and calculations to work out power.  This is helping me with one of my projects.

Lesson 5 is Engineering Manufacturing.  We are looking at computer-aided manufacturing.  We are using CAD to draw a product against a brief we have been given.  It’s good to see the link between designing and production.

Lesson 6 is Enrichment.  This is my chosen subject in the options we have in Years 9, 10 and 11. This subject choice is great for my career goals once I have left the UTC.

16:00 - 16:50
Lesson 7 -  The UTC stays open longer so we have the opportunity for independent study which can be used to catch up on work or to complete specialist projects.  Looking forward to tomorrow, we have a visit booked to Agemaspark to look at how they precision engineer products.

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