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Vision and Values.

Fulfilling and enriching learning experiences

BFLPT is committed to securing excellence in all its schools, inspiring all students to achieve their personal best.

We believe that through strong collaboration we can provide fulfilling and enriching learning experiences which help young people develop the knowledge and skills they need to lead successful and fruitful lives and which foster a love of learning that lasts a lifetime. Equally, they will have the self-confidence and wider life skills which enable then to move successfully to university or the workplace.

BFLPT will enable Doncaster UTC, and all its schools, to share capacity and expertise. By bringing a local group of schools together each will be able to provide support as well as benefiting from additional expertise. Doncaster UTC will add a new element to the trust through an alternative progression from year 9 onwards. BFLPT will support the OTC, critically in its early years, to develop good and outstanding teaching, instil excellence monitoring and tracking, and support teachers and senior leaders to ensure Doncaster UTC and its students can achieve and progress to the highest standards.

We will have endless ambition and high aspiration for all our students and staff

We will develop strong values and a positive ethos which are aligned to each school within the Trust.

We will collaborate to provide the best learning experience for students and staff; create collaborative and challenging partnerships. We will create reflective, diverse learning communities which use evidence-based practice to secure the highest performance outcomes and standards. We will provide students with rich learning experiences which allow then to develop holistically.

Vision and Values

Vision and Values

  • We always celebrate success. 
  • Put 'Students first' in all of our decisions made at the UTC. 
  • Raise standards for employability skills and other basic skills, such as literacy and numeracy, to create and transform life chances.
  • Ensure technical education has equity with academic education.
  • Create no boundaries by ensuring that we, as educators, collaborate with employers to engage all student to realise their potential.
  • Learning is creative, inspiring, innovative, allowing students to excel.
  • Maintain a relentless focus on employability skills as the golden threat throughout our curriculum to ensure students obtain positive destinations. 

At the heart of our vision is the development of exceptional care and academic performance.

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