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Remote Learning.

At the Doncaster UTC, we embrace new technologies as we understand that we are educating the work force of the future, and as such students should be familiar with technology that they may well use in the workplace.

We use Microsoft Teams in order to deliver our remote learning curriculum, as well as a communication platform for our students and staff.

For communicating with staff outside of Live/Feedback sessions, students are encouraged to use the conversation function within their classes on teams. These messages can be seen by a whole group. One example would be for a student to ask for clarification on deadlines, or additional questions to aid understanding of a topic. As a guide imagine putting your hand up in class to ask a question. This question can then be answered by anyone of the students in the group or the teacher themselves.

All work is set in Teams Assignments within class teams. This will alert students that work is present for them to complete, and allow the school to track work set, handed in, reviewed and giving feedback. See the following video for a simple guide to working with assignments in teams.

If you do experience any issues, you can email or call the admin team.

While work is set on assignments we understand that technology is a factor for our students completing it. Staff are sympathetic to this and although students will be required to complete the work, this can take many forms including pen and paper. Students should then upload their work using a photograph to assignments when it is possible to do so.

Students can also use the conversation button in the Team for the subject to communicate directly with their class teacher.

Tutorial for Assignments