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Medical Science *Sept 21*.

What does this qualification cover?

Does the human body, how it works and what goes wrong within it to bring about pathology and disease fascinate you? Ever wondered why some people are more susceptible to cancers? Ever pondered how that pill the doctor prescribed you works? Are you interested in medicine or related career routes? Then this is these are the courses for you!

These courses are designed to give you the knowledge, understanding and skills in key scientific principles that underpin medical sciences and support your progress into higher education or employment within the sector.

Key Features

Interesting and challenging learning experience linking how the body works to what happens in disease and how medicines work.

Developing transferable skills that are useful outside of scientific study and directly applicable to the world of work including:

  • Investigative skills
  • Problem solving
  • Research
  • Mathematical and analytical skills
  • Communication skills

Study of all the major organ systems in health and disease. Opportunity for hands-on learning of taking physiological measurements and interpreting their meaning. Developing mathematical and statistical analysis skills to draw meaningful conclusions from your measurements.

These skills are easily transferable to other employment sectors and will enhance any CV.

Key Features

Links to workplace

By choosing to study L3 Applied Cert/Dip Medical Science as part of your programme of study you will gain access to a wide range of potential courses or employments at University related to the health sciences. Biomedical sciences or life sciences and medical and health related industry sectors.

Jobs within health care open to you on completion of the course include:

  • Laboratory testing to support patient diagnosis
  • Scientific testing to support disease research
  • Direct work with patients, measuring and evaluating organ function
  • And many other potential careers.
Links to workplace

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