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Heart warming words!!.

What a very busy week it has been at DUTC, A Level results last Thursday, the announcement of a new UTC and then our very first Y11 cohort collecting their GCSE's.

This email from Joshua Rodgers, year 11 sums everything up.  Joshua will be furthering his career at Doncaster College as his passion is Welding and Fabrication.  We wish him, and all our students, the very best for Post 16 and beyond.

"I hope this email finds you all well. As I have reached the end of my three short years at Doncaster UTC, I wanted to take a moment to express my heartfelt gratitude for the incredible support and guidance you have all provided me over the past three years.

Your dedication to teaching, your passion for your subjects, and your unwavering commitment to helping your students succeed have left a lasting impact on me. Your encouragement, patience, and willingness to go the extra mile to ensure that I understood the material have made a significant difference in my learning experience.

I am truly grateful for the knowledge and skills you all have imparted to me, which I know will serve as a strong foundation for my future. All Your mentorship has not only helped me academically but has also inspired me to strive for excellence in all aspects of my life.

As I prepare to move on to the next chapter, I wanted to express my heartfelt thanks for everything you've done. Your influence will remain with me, and I will always remember the positive impact you've had on my education.

Thank you all once again for being outstanding teachers and a source of inspiration. I am truly fortunate to have had the privilege of being your student."

Warm regards 
Joshua Rodgers  


These comments are from our social media coverage when we announced we have the approval for opening a new UTC in September 2025!  Thank you everyone, we are very excited for the future here in Doncaster.