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Pearson National Teaching Awards - Certificates of Excellence.

Thank a Teacher Day - 26th May 2022

The day started by presenting all teachers and staff with a hand written "Thank you" card along with a hot sausage or bacon sandwich from our canteen (vegetarian options were also available).

Everyone then assembled in the lecture theatre to see various students' videos saying their "thank yous" to various members of staff.

All of our staff received recognition from the Pearson National Teaching Awards for "Making a difference - Secondary school of the year" certificate of excellence.

Four staff members also received individual awards:

* John Wardell - The 2022 Award for Teacher of the Year in a Secondary School

* Morgan McAnulty - The 2022 Award for Outstanding New Teacher of the Year

* Christopher Keogan - The 2022 Award for Unsung Hero

* Jill Turner - The 2022 Award for Unsung Hero

Congratulations to everyone for all the hard work and committment to the students at DUTC.